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Enhance your dog's safety and comfort with our high-quality metal muzzles. Our muzzles feature a rubber-plastic coating, ensuring long-lasting use, easy cleaning. Perfect for training and vet visits, our muzzles come in 39 different types to suit every dog.

Black Rubber-Plastic Coating: Our muzzles feature a special black rubber-plastic surface treatment, increasing the durability and service life of the product. This coating is tested and proven to extend the service life of the muzzles by up to 50%.


High-Quality Leather Straps: The leather straps are made from first-class selected black leather, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your pup.


39 Different Sizes: We offer a wide range of 39 different muzzle types, specifically designed to fit both female and male dogs of various breeds and sizes.


Corrosion Resistant and Easy to Clean: The black rubber-plastic coating makes the muzzles resistant to corrosion and easy to wash, ensuring they remain hygienic and in excellent condition over time.


Winter-Friendly Design: Unlike other metal muzzles, our specially coated muzzles do not freeze to your dog's nose during winter, providing additional comfort and safety in cold weather.


Health-Safe: The surface treatment used in our muzzles is completely harmless and non toxic to your dog's health.


Why Choose Our Black Coated Metal Dog Muzzles?


Proven Durability: Our muzzles last up to 50% longer than other types due to the special black rubber coating. 


Easy Maintenance: The muzzles are easily washable, making them a practical choice for everyday use.


Invest in the best for your dog with our black coated metal muzzles, combining comfort and durability.


Product Specifications


Material: Metal with black rubber-plastic coating

Straps: High quality black leather

Surface Treatment: Black rubber-plastic

Durability: Extended service life up to 50% longer with black coating

Special Features: Corrosion-resistant, easily washable, non-freezing in winter, non toxic


What are the main uses for dog muzzles in Australia?


In Australia, dog muzzles are commonly used for many reasons, ensuring the safety and well-being of both dogs and humans.

Preventing Biting: Muzzles are often used to prevent dogs from biting in situations where they may feel threatened or anxious, such as during vet visits, grooming sessions, or interactions with unfamiliar people or animals.


Training and Behavior Management: Trainers and behaviorists may use muzzles as part of training to manage aggressive or reactive behavior, helping dogs to learn and adapt without risk to others.


Legal Requirements: Certain breeds are legally required to wear muzzles in public places. Local regulations may mandate muzzles for specific breeds.


Preventing Eating of Harmful Objects: Muzzles can prevent dogs from scavenging and eating harmful or toxic substances during walks or in public areas, which is particularly important for dogs with a tendency to eat non-food items.


Veterinary Visits and Grooming: Some dogs become stressed or fearful during vet visits or grooming, leading to unwanted behavior.


Public Transportation: In some areas, muzzles are required for dogs when using public transportation.


Protection of Wildlife: In areas where dogs might encounter wildlife, muzzles can prevent them from injuring native animals, aligning with wildlife protection regulations.


Why Nextgen Dog Collars? 


🌏 Handmade custom to order in Melbourne
💧  100% waterproof and smell proof materials
✔️ Genuine Biothane strap material
🌈 Huge range of colors in stock
👍 Huge variety of hardware in stock
🛠️ Custom orders are welcomed

Nextgen Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

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