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Wildlife Encounters and Beautiful Scenery: Our Trip to Raymond Island

We recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Raymond Island with our two Rottweilers, Khaos and Rogue. Raymond Island is a small island located in the Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria, Australia, known for its abundant wildlife and stunning natural beauty.

We kicked off our adventure with a free walk on ferry ride across McMillan Strait from Paynesville to Raymond Island, and the excitement of Khaos and Rogue only escalated as we reached the island. Plus, the ample parking at Gilsenan Reserve made it an excellent starting point for our Koala Trail walk.

The Koala Trail winds its way through the island's eucalyptus forest and provides visitors with the opportunity to see wild koalas up close. Khaos and Rogue were on alert as we made our way through the trees, sniffing out any nearby wildlife. And sure enough, we soon spotted several koalas sleeping high up in the branches.

We opted for the lengthier route back to the ferry terminal through Point Montague after completing the Koala Trail. The peaceful walk gave us a chance to enjoy the unobstructed views of the serene and clean beaches, with no sign of crowds. Khaos and Rogue thoroughly enjoyed their time exploring the shores and splashing around in the calm waters.

On our way to the ferry, we sipped on great coffee from "The Two Has Beans" coffee van and reminisced about an incredible morning. The island's stunning natural beauty left us feeling grateful and connected to nature. Spotting wild koalas was unforgettable, and doing it all with Khaos and Rogue made it extra special.

Overall, our trip to Raymond Island was an absolute delight. For any pet owner looking for a peaceful getaway in the heart of nature, I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful island. With its abundant wildlife, stunning scenery, and dog-friendly walking trails, it's the perfect place for a memorable adventure with your furry companions.



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